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Thu Jul 1st - Sun Aug 1st

Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2021

31 days, 31 prompts, UNLIMITED INSPIRATION!

Do you want to get your worldbuilding skills up to scratch? Join the fun!


The Prompts

Click on a prompt to write your response! Once you have over 300 words you will be able to submit it.
Let the games begin!


A building associated with healing the sick


A medical condition which is feared by some


A new medical cure, treatment or breakthrough


A species of working animal


An ethnicity whose cultural exports are highly sought after


An extraordinary writing tool (or type of writing tool)


An area or geographical landmark wrapped in myth, legend or superstition


A myth about a mountain, lake, cave or other landmark


A myth or fairytale about a prophecy, oracle, fortune-telling or other revelation


A festival associated with a celestial body


An inhospitable region or geographical landmark


A plant or animal that lives in an inhospitable region


An ethnicity surviving in an inhospitable region


An old or ancient organization which still casts a shadow


A lost or ancient language


An ancient and/or powerful artifact


A religious order founded or based in your world's history


A coming of age ceremony


A famous letter or message


An often undervalued but vital profession


A building associated with crime or justice


A renowned pirate, highwayman or other criminal


A unit or squad who guards an important person


A settlement known as a pleasure town or for louche behaviour


A brave hero, who hides a secret past.


A romancer, paramour, or other amorous individual


A large business, corporation or trade guild


A vital trade resource that supports a settlement or region


An industrial, mining, logging or other production settlement.


A title which cannot be bought, only earned.


A bloody coup, rebellion or uprising in your world's history.

Do you want to get your worldbuilding skills up to scratch? Join the fun!



During Worldbuilding Summer Camp, we challenge you with 31 worldbuilding prompts to get you motivated, inspired, and ready to worldbuild! Take part, grow your world, and win prizes!
Make sure you read the rules carefully so you know how everything works! You can also click the quick links below to jump to the section you need.

It wouldn't be Summer Camp without our amazing sponsors! Check out the amazing folks that make this possible!
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How it works:

  • We release 31 prompts over the course of July.
  • These are split into four tiers, and will be released periodically throughout July 2021. They're shown first on our livestreams (1st, 10th, 20th, 30th July, at 11am Pacific, 7pm UK) where we'll give writing tips and inspiration for each prompt, and raffles!
  • Once revealed on our livestream, prompts will be added to this competition page! You'll need to refresh the page for them to appear.
Submit each prompt (in any order), following the easy instructions on the right.   Completing any 10 of the prompts will earn you the Copper Winner badge, completing any 20 of the prompts will earn you the Silver Winner badge and completing any 30 of the prompts will earn you the Gold Winner badge. Or complete the last minute bonus prompt for the extra shiny diamond badge!  

Join our community!

  One of the best things about Summer Camp is the community support - everyone rallies together on multiple platforms! You can find us on Twitter, Instagram, Discord, and Facebook.

- Use the Hashtag #WASummerCamp to share ideas and find one another!

- Want to fly the Summer Camp colours? Download our digital participation pack!

- Fancy streaming your worldbuilding summer camp? Download our streaming pack!

How to submit a prompt:

Submitting prompts is super easy! Just follow these steps:
  1. Create your World Anvil account (it's free!), or log in if you're already signed up
  2. Select a world (top left) or create a new one
  3. Scroll down on this page to the prompt buttons below, and just click one to create an article appropriate for that prompt
  4. Write at least 300 words in your article, and make sure that it's published (not a draft!) and public (not private).
  5. Uncollapse the Community Challenge panel on the right side (underneath publishing tools) and you'll see the SUBMIT button!
  6. To see your progress and completed prompts, click the "Check your progress" button on this page!


  Remember you:
  • CAN complete the prompts in any order you like
  • CAN check out the World Anvil Community Discord if you're stuck on a prompt. It's a great place to get advice!
  • MUST submit new, published (not draft) and public (not private) articles
  • SHOULD read through the full Rules & FAQ on this page carefully!

    Stream Schedule

    Tune in to our livestreams on Twitch to get prompts before anyone else, get inspired, and win goodies from our sponsors!


    July prompt reveals 16 by 9.jpg


    We give completion badges for all levels. If you've completed 10 prompts, you're a winner! 20 or more? Also a winner! Finished 30 of them? WINNER. Hungry for more and finished the BONUS PROMPT on top of all that? Just as much of a winner as the amazing folks who completed 10! Be a proud worldbuilder!

    WASC21 Copper Badge.png

    Complete 10 prompts and you've won Summer Camp with a copper badge!

    WASC21 Silver Badge.png

    Complete 20 prompts and you've won Summer Camp with a silver badge!

    WASC21 Gold Badge.png

    Complete 30 prompts and you've won Summer Camp with a gold badge!

    WASC21 Diamond Badge.png

    Complete 30 prompts AND the final PROMPT and you've won Summer Camp with a diamond badge!


    There are thousands of dollars of prizes to be won over Summer Camp in our WINNER’S PRIZE DRAW!
    Each winner tier (Copper, Silver, Gold and Diamond) will have its own prize draw, and the biggest prizes will be in Gold and Diamond. So for a chance to win the shiniest things, make sure you complete as many prompts as possible!   Some of our incredible prizes include:


    These are the additional badges that will be awarded in the Summer Camp Awards Ceremony this year! Some will be chosen by the community voice, and others are awarded by Janet and Dimitris, World Anvil's founders.


    Most Improved

    Awarded to someone voted as showing great progress with the quality of their worldbuilding!


    Most Helpful Camper

    Awarded to a someone voted as helping, guiding, and encouraging others in the community!


    Most Inspiring World

    Awarded to the world votes as the most inspiring worldbuilding during Summer Camp!


    Human of the Match

    Awarded bye World Anvil to an all-round good spirit of Summer Camp - we see you!
    Please note that these badges are NOT influenced by wordcount or likes! (Read the FAQ for more info). We encourage you to help others and to only compete against YOURSELF! Grow your world, become a friendly face in the community, and be your best self! Now grab your hammer, and GO WORLDBUILD!


    Celebrate in style and treat yourself (or a friend!) to some Summer Camp goodies from our store!



    Challenge begins: 1st July 2021, 7pm UK time, 11am Pacific time
    Challenge ends: 1st August 2021, 8pm UK time, 12pm Pacific time

    The Basic Rules

    Complete the prompts in any order you like. However, the challenge deadline is final.   Read each prompt carefully, and use the indicated worldbuilding template.   Each article must be new (created during July 2021), and created using your own original content.   The submission button will appear once your article is:
  • 300 words or more
  • public (not private)
  • published (not draft)
  • Uncollapse the Community Challenge panel on the right side of the edit screen to reval the Submit button, and click to enter your submission!  



    The Detailed Rules

    To be eligible for the prizes from our amazing sponsors, make sure you follow the detailed rules!  
    • No plagiarism.
    All content must be your own new worldbuilding. Please reference any external sources if you use them!  
    • No art theft.
    You must have permission to use any art you post publically on World Anvil, and all art must be credited using the artist credit fields or in the article footer. We are very strict on this, as publishing art which is not your own can result in artists taking legal action against you!

    Top tip: For images you can use check out our resources below!  
  • 5 best character portrait resources
  • 5 best city map image resources
  • 5 best landscape resources
  • More free art resources for worldbuilding

  • For more information on Copyright, please read our Copyright page.  
    • Creating and using multiple accounts will result in disqualification.
    Use of multiple accounts is against the World Anvil Terms of Service. Only one account per person may enter the challenge. Completing the challenge via multiple accounts will result in disqualification.  
    • Meta, meme, blog and other non-worldbuilding articles may not be submitted as answers to the prompts.
    You can still create these kinds of articles on World Anvil, just don't submit them as your entries! This is a worldbuilding competition, after all!  
    • Abusing the site features to increase wordcount will result in disqualification.

    Questions & Feedback

    If you've read through all the rules, checked the FAQ section on the right, and still have questions or feedback, here are some ways you can reach us!   hello [at] - send us an email!
    Twitter - drop us a DM!
    Discord - hop into the help or Summer Camp channels!  

    The Awards Ceremony

    Once the challenge ends, keep your eyes peeled for the Community Voting and Voice of the People submissions - your chance to make your voice heard on how the challenges are run and who should win the special awards!

    We'll also announce the winners of the Prize Draw LIVE on a special Mega-Stream, with bumper raffles and special events - not to be missed!  

    Resources & Guides

    Feeling stuck and need some inspiration? We've got you covered:    


    • How do I enter?
    Make sure you've created and activated a world, then click a prompt button on this page to start an article. Once you have written at least 300, publish your article so that it's public and not a draft. Now you're ready to submit! Uncollapse the Community Challenge panel on the right to reveal the submit button, and click to submit your prompt!  
    • How can I see my wordcount?
    Your wordcount will be visible in the metadata of each article. In the edit screen, this is available under Advanted Tools and Options. Click the blue text on the right side on the interface to reveal the dropdowns, and click on the Metadata title to expand it!  
    • How do I reset the date of a stub article?
    If you have a stub article (i.e. an article under 50 words) created before Summer Camp, you can reset the date of it using the following method:
      • View your stub articles by going to Articles & Categories, then clicking "Stub Articles"
      • Open a stub article in the edit interface, and expand "Open Advanced Tools & Options" on the right side.
      • Click the "SPECIAL ACTIONS" tab to reveal the Reset Date button. Clicking this will update the creation date of the article to the current date. You can then fill it in and submit as normal

    Reset date

    • Can I enter with articles in different worlds?
    Yes! Make sure you select the world you want (dropdown menu on the top left), then click one of the prompt buttons.  
    • Can my co-authors take part?
    Yes! This challenge is per-user, not per-world.  
    • Can I write my articles in a different language?
    Yes! If you become eligible for a prize, we'll use automatic translation to check that it falls within the guidelines and is eligible for the prize.  
    • Can I submit old/existing articles?
    No. The goal of this challenge is to expand your worldbuilding and push your creativity! Only new articles will be eligible.  
    • Why is there no most liked article, most liked world or highest wordcount badges?
    Last year we changed our approach, after a lot of great feedback from the community. We want to encourage you to expand and improve your own worldbuilding, rather than focus on competition with others. We only want you to compete against your past selves!  
    • Where can I promote and share my work?
    EVERYWHERE! Check out our advice on how get more readers on your work (launches June 26th)! Sharing work in a thread of Tweets, posting articles on subReddits, forums and Facebook groups is a great idea! And of course, hop into our Discord server - just make sure to read the rules pinned in the challenge channel!  
    • Why must my articles be published and public?
    If you become eligible for a digital or physical prize, we will need to check your work to see that you have not broken any rules.  
    • When can I make my submitted articles private?
    If you wish to be eligible for a prizes and badges, your articles will need to remain public until the Summer Camp 2021 Awards Ceremony in September. Private articles will result in winners losing their prizes, as we cannot verify their work falls within the rules.  
    • When is it safe to delete one of my submitted articles?
    After the digital badges have been distributed after the competition closes, it will be safe to delete an entry you've submitted. Doing so before then may result in you receiving either the incorrect badge, or no badge at all, as the system counts the number of prompts you completed.  
    • How do I remove my entry?
    Edit your article, and remove it from the challenge the same way that you added it! You can then enter a different article, if you wish.  
    • Can I keep editing my submitted articles?
    You may continue editing your submitted articles until the deadline. Edits made after the deadline and before the Summer Camp Awards Ceremony may disqualify you from prizes. Make sure the articles stay over 300 words and public to stay eligible. After the Awards Ceremony you can do whatever you like with your articles!!  
    • Do I have to use the specific prompt templates?
    Yes! But you can use them however you like! You can write only in the vignette - the main section of the template - if you don't want to answer the different fields on the template.  
    • Can I do Summer Camp as an artist?
    Yes! Upload your artwork to your image gallery, then copy & paste its image code into your article. You'll still need to write 300 words to accompany the artwork in order to submit it. Consider describing what you've drawn/painted, how it works in your world, and how it connects to other things.  
    • I won a prize! How do I claim it!
    Tune into the Awards Ceremony on World Anvil's Twitch channel this September (date tbc) to find out if you won! We'll also be releasing the complete list of winners in a blog post, containing full instructions to claim your prize. You'll have TWO WEEKS to get us your details, so keep your eyes open! Unclaimed prizes are forfeit and redistributed at World Anvil's discretion.
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