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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2021

Somewhere in your setting, describe
a building associated with crime or justice
A total of 378 entries

Alden's Pleasure Palace

Sanctuary of Justice

Stonesthrow Guardhouse

Outer Ward Pavilion

Kova'kir Justice Hall

UNCon Criminal Justice Tower, Earth

Meascthóir Mianach

Deseret Internal Revenue Service Headquarters Campus

Lawhouse of Montis

Yetyagre: House of Police

Kedar Grey Fortress

ASF Headquarters

The Butterfly Task Force Head Quarters/Base

The Hall of Judgements

Guild Palace of Airu

Imperial Atlamarian Barracks

Le Palais des Sans-Visage

Great Temple of Bhaalann

Containment Bureau opens up a new office in Europe

Green Court of Megamisama

The Jiaobu Detention Camp

Leaves-Amid-Glass Courthouse

Market Street Guard Barracks

Rock Lobster Community House

Ministry of Reassignment

International Penitentiary, Queen Elizabeth's World

Hundred Lantern Hall

The Court of Memory

The Coranian High Court

The Eternal Barge

Manhattan Detention Complex

Court of Weavers

Palais de Justice de Naoned

The Green Hammock

Olivia Jin Detention Center

Building of Elementals & Elemental Forensics

Brunnen des Urteils

Nightlight Council

The Council's Colosseum- By Wong Chi

Hill fort of the Hunt

The Justice Bringer

Osha's Game Emporium

Justice Centrum, The

The Shacklehut and Raeor‘s Domain

Dumgarth's Court

Yamada Municipal Police Station

Birdland Dungeons

Royal Guardians Grand Headquarters

Boscom Naval Base, Stanley

Wurzelhavian City Guard Headquarters

Watch Communications Outpost

Dragonguard Hideouts

PC-90482, Northern Detention Centre

Strigea Royal Courthouse

Halle der Gerechtigkeit

Theussaun Royal Treasury

Arn-thrass and the Arn-kler

The Red Magpy Inn

Zenith Heritage Building {WASC 2021}

Golden Pagoda - Hall of Justice

Stone Pike Prison

The Brilliance of Recsalbi

Court of Divine Arbitration

Watch Point Delta Fire Tower

The Oathkeeper's Court

Zeribian graveyard of Çarimbal

The Holy Court of Leoneses

Imperial Hold of Slagmill

The House of Judgement

Councilhall of Dagash

Woudgevangenis van Herodon

Tribunal des voiles

A király csarnoka

The High Courtroom of Silrakk

The Dungeons of Numnige

The City Court House

The Temple of Trithereon

Etonia Constable Office

Tomb of the Innocent

The Weighter's Guild House

Imperial House of Order

Thief Den of the Nimble Fingered

The Stàilind {English}

Military justice and prisons

King's Rock High Courthouse

Pansoul Recreation Center

Indigo Guard Headquarters

The Weighing Spire

Room of Doom and Gloom on Boom

The Metalican Hotel and Casino

Orbiting Prison

Loreshin’s Paladin Academy & The Hall of Heroes

The Endless Serenade Studio

The Garden of Gloriosa

Envien Halls of Justice

Smugglers’ Tunnels beneath Umbrahemos Templos - Prompt #21 building associated with crime or justice

Richtstuhl der Einheit

Prison for reforming the sinful

Vrasrujunari Fortress

Mistwich Courthouse

Thane McDrakon's Prison

Valatrian guard Barracks

High Court of Crysalion

Bronzeford Biblioteket

House of Adjudication

Castle Mitchell

Grand Auditorium

Ukinnu Prison for the Magically Adept and Criminally Insane

Courts of the Justiciar

Dalkit Admiralty Court

Temple of Díneniel Stalcairwen

SAF Military Headquarters

Hall of the Storm Barons

The Great Sanctuary of Mercy

The Remuditis Building

The Hall of Mirrors

Salón del juicio

Prompt 21: The Sapphire Palace

Othron Hall of Justice

Talence Magistrate's Court

The Soft Huntress

Arbiters' Headquarters

The Citadel of Blinding

Law enforcement global HQ

Laurgrailes's Asylum for the Emotionally Troubled

Temples of Holla: god of justice.

The Catacomb of Ufruktbar

Grandhaven Security Hold

The Grand Rulehouse of Burim

The Mudpuppy Bath-Houses

The Sin Guild in Baukyu

The United States Supreme Court Building

Artazian Sear Rooms

The Calon Circle

The Iron Steeple

The Diamond Viper Inn

Det gyllene huset av njutelser.

NX7 High-Risk Security and Correctional Station

The Punishment Tower

Arenen der Richterschaft

Noble's Courthouse

Tiberi Courthouse

Robber Knights' Hall

Coolersville Police Department

Inquisition's hall of Justice

Rio Mertin's Nydiowa Mansion

Basilla Correctional Facility

The Boar's Head Inn