So, how much does one cost?
August asking an employee of Azilya’s Wonders


Before the invention of the wheelchair, the people with conditions that made them unable to move around by themselves had to sit around in ordinary chairs or beds all day and watch other people live their lives.   When Azilya, the inventor who had already created eyeglasses, lost the use of his legs because of Magic rot he created a chair with wheels. He had to be able to move around in his house without having to ask his family for help to move him. He needed to be able to create toys, clocks, and other inventions. Both for science and for his work.   One of his guildmates noticed his creation during a visit and asked if he could create a similar chair for his mother, who had lost a leg in a Monster Attack. Of course Azilya created a chair made specifically for his friend's mother and after that more people started asking for chairs. So he gave his documents to the guild and other creators started making wheelchairs.  


There are only some stores that have ramps or planks that can be moved out to be used as ramps because there are still not that many people who use wheelchairs and those who do are still using them mainly at home or when they go to visit friends.
Access & Availability
Wheelchairs are easily available in Korda and the villages close to the city. To get a chair delivered or produced in another village is highly expensive.   In Korda there are both custom and ready-made wheelchairs available. The ready-made option is of course a lot cheaper but even those are a hefty sum. A custom made bicycle with all the bells and whistles are cheaper than a ready-made wheelchair.


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