The Talons

Even though nobody knows what they say, we have passed them down for generations. ...I wonder why...
  The talons are heirlooms passed down in Dragon families. They are said to have belonged to the Partner of the Deity of Idyll.   On the talons are inscriptions in a language that has supposedly been lost to time. Scribes argue over what the text means, but nobody has been able to sufficiently translate the language used. They are not sure why the language had been forgotten if the talons were passed straight down the family trees either. Is it a secret cipher and not a language?   There is also discourse over who the inscriber is. Many believe that it is the Deity who inscribed their partners talons, but others claim that it can’t possibly be the Deity since they died together because of the Soulbond that they shared. Others say that maybe the dragon themselves inscribed the talons before their death.   There are whispers that secret groups might know what the inscription on the talons means.   The location of 11 talons is known, but there are supposed to be more as Dragons have 18 talons. Five on the front paws and four on the back paws. What happened to the remaining 7 talons is unknown.   8 of the known talons are with families where they are considered the possession of the oldest child. While the Dragon Council keep the last three known talons safe in a place that only they know of.
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