The Hunter Rings

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The hunter rings are a set of artifacts used by the Carmine village. There are 13 rings in total, and the wearer of one of them will be able to take possession of an animal companion.  


There is no written history for these rings, and the only oral information is that these rings were granted by The Deity to the Elders of the village so they would never go hungry.  

The users

The Elders give out these rings to the people who will spend their lives working as hunters for the village. These people guard the village against people and monsters alike because nobody can know what happens in the village. They also hunt animals for meat to feed the village. These people, according to the Elders, can only be females. The magic in the rings for some reason can only be used by females.   When one hunter dies another one will receive the ring and start training to become a hunter. Sometimes there are no suitable young women ready to take on the ring when a hunter dies or becomes too old. Then the ring will wait on its new order in the Elder HQ.  


When a Hunter uses the ring, they will be able to enter the mind of an animal companion, view the world from their eyes, listen with their ears, and move their body. The body of the Hunter will be frozen while they use the power of the ring.   A good and experienced hunter will be able to enter the mind of several animal companions at the same time.  


An animal companion is an animal that has trust for the hunter. It can be an animal that grew up with the hunter or one that the hunter has just met. It depends on the animal and how trustworthy it finds the hunter. Sometimes the animal shies away from the hunter after the hunter has used their ring's ability on the animal. The Hunter can then not use that animal.
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