Hey, do you want to try this tea out? I just threw it together. I like it.
— Rethzel
Retzel loves tea. He wants to spend his days making tea, drinking tea, and reading books. He wants to be left alone with the adventures between the pages. Sadly, with the family he grew up in, that's not how his life will go.  


Retzel was born into a family of dragons high up on the ladder of The Order of Monsterthorn. Retzel's mother is an Elder's assistant and his father is a captain of a unit. He has 6 siblings, 4 of them are already pledged to the Order and working as Guards. 2 of them is the same age as Retzel one of them is looking forward to becoming a Guard within the Order. The other sibling is going to become a law keeper with the same Order.   Retzel has had one boyfriend while growing up but they broke up because the boyfriend felt like Retzel was ignoring him.  


Retzel doesn't have many friends. He spends more time with his siblings than other people. His ex-boyfriend was his best friend but they do not spend that much time with each other anymore since the breakup.  


Retzel can read and write as expected from anyone growing up in Korda. He has taught himself how to make tea because he enjoys it. His parents expected him to join Guard training when he graduated from general education but instead, he refused to do anything of what they suggested. He's now nearing the age of his Maturity Ceremony but he is nowhere near mature and ready to take on the world.  

Most important possession

He can't decide between a tea infuser ball that his ex boyfriend gave him while they were dating or the first book that he bought for himself.
Year of Birth
1238 RO 21 Years old
House / Order
Making tea, reading, and climbing rocks
Tea, books, and chocolate
Social events and certain people
Sexual orientation
Romantic orientation
Love Language
Words of affirmation


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