That patterened looked a bit...weird...
  This game is played when the fabric maker Guilds of the world of Idyll get together to party a couple of times a year.  

How to play

To play, a sheet of silk and indelible inks are needed. Usually, only the base colors are used and you’re not allowed to mix them.   The silk will be placed on a table and everyone will leave the room to eat snacks or talk in another room while the first person freehands a pattern on a piece of the fabric. When they are finished they will wait a bit for the ink to dry, place a paper or fabric slip over what they have painted and only show a little bit of the pattern.   When the first person is finished they head to the other room and the new person paints a pattern of what little they see of the first person's pattern. When everyone at the party has painted a pattern the covers are lifted and the people can look at the monstrosity that they have managed to create together.   During parties held by most larger guilds in the city of Korda, there are several silk pieces placed on tables in different rooms. So several silks can be worked on at the same time. These guilds usually also hold contests and votes on which fabrics are the ugliest. Some of these fabrics will later be auctioned off to fabric store owners and then sold, but most of them are kept by the participants as mementos. Not many rich ladies can sport an outfit with these fabrics which makes them even more desirable to some of them.  


The game has been played since a guild meeting in 851 RO when one of the younger members was bored of just sitting around, eating, gossiping, and talking about fabric dyes.
Images coming after WorldEmber, so sometime in 2021.


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