Mana fly

Huh...that mosquito looks weird...
  This fly can be found all over the world but they prefer forests. Specifically forests close to settlements. The only area that they have never been found in is The Sand Bowl  


The flies are all thin and around 1-2 centimeters in length. They have a head with 4 antennas, a pair of eyes, and a mouth that has a small needle-like part. After the head the fly has a midsection that have 8 legs and 6 wings. The last section is its abdomen. The flies that have been caught have all been inky black except the abdomen that shines with a purple light if they have fed on mana.  


The female and male flies copulate while flying, then the female lays her eggs at the edge of still water. Mostly around or on aquatic plants floating on the water surface. These eggs are so small that they can not be seen with normal eyes. Dragons on the other hand can sense them as well as see them when using their infrared vision and some of them will remove the eggs before they hatch because the mana flies carry a disease called Sleep walker which can be devastating for families.   Certain organizations have tried to eradicate the species but they have not succeeded.  

Dietary needs

They appear to be able to sustain themselves on mana and blood sucked from unsuspecting and unwilling victims.  


It is believed that the flies only see mana. They almost always search it out and go for the people with the most mana. It is also widely believed that mana has a taste and that the taste of live mana is different from the powered version. The flies might go for specific people even though they might be low on mana. The Others are very attractive to the flies.
17 days
Average Weight
Average Length
11 millimeter
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