Metal against metal is music, at least to my ears. Well, truly, everything is music to my ears.
— Maelwen
Maelwen’s entire House died in a monster attack while they were on their way to move to Ikimor from a smaller settlement that had become unmanageable.  


Aymar, a merchant from Ikimor found the carnage on his normal route to Ilrune, he searched the area for survivors but only found a baby. The only survivor of the brutal attack.   Aymar and his family adopted the baby and named him Maelwen. Which gave Mael a new father, mother, grandparents, and 3 much older siblings.   He’s had girlfriends while growing up, but he is currently not dating anyone.  


Thean was Mael's best friend while they grew up in Ikimor, however, Thean moved away to Korda in 1257 RO. There's only a couple of hours between the settlements but neither of them has visited the other for the two years that they have been apart. They have both been busy with their own lives.   Mael has been hanging out with a lot of the other youngsters in the village but he still hasn't replaced the best friend position. The people he is hanging out the most with though is the cook apprentice of the Dancing Kowse inn and the maid of the same inn.  


Mael can read and write a little bit but he's not very good at it. He's an apprentice to the blacksmith in town and he is looking forward to becoming a blacksmith. It wasn't what he dreamed about doing while growing up but it is the most sensible option. He is also considering joining the same House as his master. He has made no definitive decisions on that yet, though.   Mael can play a couple of instruments and make music.  

Most Important possession

A song he and Thean used to sing together as kids.
Year of Birth
1239 RO 20 Years old
House / Order
Socializing, swordplay, and puzzels
Music, swords, and people.
Tight clothes (on himself) and arguments
Sexual orientation
Romantic orientation
Love Language


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